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The Good Citizen Two

Initial Brief

The brief is identical to the last. You all arrive at The Good Citizen: a pub in Rivergate Town famed for its adventuring clientele. Here, people gather to trade stories of their latest exploits, and listen to news from every corner of the city.

As per the wiki guidelines, there will be no opportunity for fighting, no major plot, no use of per adventure abilities, and nothing requiring a GM ruling. If you wish to play a character against whom other characters may wish to initiate PVP, this can be accomodated (within reason), but may require prior OC discussion to come up with a method by which they may interact safely with others.



As ever in The Good Citizen, raucous drinking games are played, resulting in perhaps even more shameless innuendo than is habitual. Quinn Alders admits to having what can be defined as a crush on roughly three quarters of players present.

Certain players exit the room for several serious, potentially heretical discussions at various points throughout the night.

A rift quickly emerges between friends of Jeremiah Stingelhelm and friends of Sly Genet, culminating in screaming arguments of an uncomfortably personal nature.

Jeremiah in particular is disgusted by Gemini Doubt's presence - and a great deal of conversations are had to do with the present location of the heretical Chalice. Membership of the Woodcutters Gang, meanwhile, is offered to various people present.

Letters are exchanged. Trust is reaffirmed; friendships are potentially broken. Meridian Veitch is coined Lord Arsehole of Dick Mountain, and evermore shall be so. Never Have I Ever is utilised to divine most people's romantic designs, though some openly admit to having not revealed the whole truth to the group.

Mabel Bembrooke gets steadily drunker, to the point where compromising truths are revealed under the gaze of Katya's invisible Connection minion.

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