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The Silver Laird II

Initial Brief

It is midwinter in Rastaban and people are celebrating the Day of Embers, a Torch festival where the last of the farmed food is consumed before winter ichor-rations begin. It is considered impolitic to point out that in most places farmed food ran out weeks ago. Still, if you know where to go, you can still find a proper feast; one such place is the Silver Laird tavern in the Barrens. Don’t worry, the landlady has all the proper paperwork.



  • Citizens gather at the Silver Laird to enjoy a feast of Ember Day Tart, rice, beans, buttered wortes and apple tart with hot spiced juice to drink.
  • Noitburg ponders whether or not they may unknowingly be related to the Stingelhelms. They come to the conclusion that it is very unlikely.
  • Thess flirts shamelessly with everyone, including Master Commissioner Draconis in front of his two daughters, resulting in the offer of a mountain-side date.
  • Thess shows off her abilities, scorching the furniture to the delight of Cassi but the alarm of Zosime.
  • A deal is struck between Cassi and Thess that in the future, Cassi will provide a claw mutation in return for Thess' participation in experiments.
  • A mysterious cloaked figure lurks in the corner, saying little but taking an interest in mentions of the Stingelhelms.
  • The arrival of Sofia Darling sparks a battle of verbal wits, mostly between them and Thess, though Noitburg raises some astute points and even Mabel manages to return a few good barbs. As Sofia points out though, at least Aurelia isn't there.
  • Aurelia turns up.
  • Thess and Mabel agree to go and have a friendly fight in the street, much to Noitburg's disapproval.
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