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The Wheelhouse

Initial Brief

In the wake of the events of The Empire Strikes Back, adventurers gather at the Wheelhouse, a new pub in the Telemere ward of Gateway. In spite of the recent border controls, a wide variety of people have managed to make it through into the fortress, although some have presumably resorted to the use of forged documentation.

Offering a fusion of familiar and exotic foods and beverages, the Wheelhouse is clearly working hard to establish itself as the default stopover for Rastabani adventurers on their way to the outside world. Construction space, however, is at a premium within Gateway; as such, the Wheelhouse is perched precipitously atop a cluster of storerooms. A full three stories above the cobbles, this pub is a place for only the most serious of barfights.


Adventure Summary

  • Having only recently returned from their escapade at the Imperial garrison - recently enough that they retain various elements of their disguises - Mabel Bembrooke, Sato Cross and Garrick of the Wheel relate their story to other adventurers who happen to be present.
  • The company of heroes ponders the geopolitical implications of this news.
  • Garrick is categorically not blue. Garrick is a normal colour. This is an Imperial Truth.
  • Hatevil Stingelhelm becomes confused on this point, and calls down the gaze of the Torch, inviting Garrick to describe his colour before the muse. When Garrick restates his position, Hatevil asks the Torch's opinion on the matter. The Torch seems understandably frustrated.
  • Malcador, who was recently executed for threatening to burn down the Imperial Commission, decides on a new name for himself.
  • Sampling a selection of the Wheelhouse's bar snacks, Selva delightedly proclaims that such things are very much not what the Shroud is about.
  • Hatevil, informed by Mabel of Sly Genet's presence, confronts his wayward sibling over the fall of the Stingelhelm mansion. In an emotional exchange, Sly confesses - at least in part - but fails to take true responsibility for their actions, lapsing into self-loathing.
  • Quinn Alders comforts Sly. The two of them share stories of how they came to be Erosion weavers.
  • Garrick deals with the consequences of permanent stickiness. The most immediate concern is that his face is still covered with somebody else's skin (that of a traitor, Sato assures the company). The question of what to do about this is solved by Zosime, who promptly eats most of it.
  • Garrick's potential as both a compass and a cup-holder are also discussed. Garrick spends much of the evening rotating… and much of the remaining time phasing through the wall and falling the full three stories onto the cobbles below.
  • Everyone is Sato In Disguise. Especially Selva Sato In Disguise.
  • Sato, Selva and Zosime amuse themselves by disappearing in sequence to convince Marius and Garrick that something is killing everyone off, one by one.
  • Drinking games are considered, but never actually occur. This adds to the general atmosphere of unease.
  • Instead, the conversation turns once more to geopolitical affairs. The Throne Paladins debate strategy, formulating various interlocking schemes to counter the threat from the Other Rastaban, culminating in the planned murder and usurpation of the God Emperor.
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