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The Wheelhouse II

Initial Brief

On any given evening, a sizeable crowd of oddball adventurers may be found at the Wheelhouse, a third-story pub that has recently been established in the Telemere ward of Gateway. This is one such evening.


Adventure Summary

  • Cassiellie and Zosime enjoyed a rare opportunity for some quality sibling time, and also received an unexpected visit from their father, Master Commissioner Kyros Draconis (blorp);
  • Garrek was at last initiated into the venerable Sticky Traditions, and used his newfound knowledge to dangle from a wall using only his face… briefly, at least;
  • Sofia encouraged a little friendly competition between the Rod Paladins and everyone else assembled, as an excuse to check out Petra;
  • Having persuaded the two Rod Paladins to punch them through the roof, Mabel and Garrek repeatedly wall-jumped off one another to see how much height they could gain;
  • Mordecai expressed a desire to wrestle a bear, and - having inadvertantly punched through a wall into a private room adjoining the bar - gained the opportunity to do so. An enjoyable time was had by all involved;
  • An impromptu game of Two Truths And A Lie allowed our heroes to reminisce about their past adventures… and sexual endeavours;
  • After considerable speculation regarding the possibility that one or more of the assembled adventurers might be a Shroud Paladin, the barmaid abruptly disappeared into her own shadow;
  • Over the course of a game of Act, Fact Or Pact, Mabel was mercilessly grilled over her relationship with Jeremiah Stingelhelm… while the Darlings delightedly called out each of her tells;
  • A number of pacts were made. Notably, the Darlings agreed to spend the next month not tearing into one another… leading to a significant improvement in the atmosphere of the room;
  • As the evening drew to a close, Sofia and Petra enjoyed an intimate and surprisingly sweet conversation out on the balcony.
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