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training wheels

Initial Brief

Over the past few weeks people have been having strange dreams. Only those who have been in the tunnels running between Gateway and Eustragrath have experienced them. The dreams involve someone the dreamer knows being tortured by an entity of the Forest. Those who have experienced the dream wake with the distinct sense that it wasn’t natural, and the sense that whoever has sent it desperately wants to be rescued.

Shortly after the dreams start, notices go up on various Throne affiliated buildings recruiting adventurers to aid a senior member of the Throne Order on a mission into the tunnels. It is implied that the favour earned could be considerable for the correct outcome.

The Party are briefed by Chosen Catra of the Throne that she needs their help to recover an artefact of great importance to Rastaban, which is under attack by the Forest.


  • Mabel
  • Carta
  • Eli
  • Jemil


The players travel into the tunnel, fight some bats, investigate a weird room, experience hallucinations of being tortured by the forest, travel at high speed through flaming foresty tunnels, and make contact with the intelligence of the tunnels itself.

It becomes apparent that the forest is slowly infiltrating the tunnels, something which could lead to the Forest spreading across the continent in a matter of weeks. The players slowly start to grasp how to talk with the tunnels, something which is tricky given how alien its way of thinking is. Carter attempts to convince the tunnels to treat him as its controller, but Katra has been using a prior connection to the tunnels that she bought from Carter to do the same, and uses a Throne embrace to complete the process, sealing Carter out.

The players manage to convince the Tunnels to move, although as the Tunnels begin to move Mabel and Eli complete a plan of their own which backfires tremendously, forming a new thorn in the tunnels which prevent them leaving the Forest. After a lot more fighting, the players are able to destroy this new thorn, and the tunnels move to their new positions. When this move is complete the tunnels no longer pass beneath the forest, and a number of new stations have appeared (blue). Due to the number of new stations, all nations which have a tunnel within their territory have become aware of them, although no-one else have managed to make use of them yet.

Chosen Catra has declared herself controller of the Underway and started recruiting people into The Honourable Guild of the Underway. She has promised that the Underway will be available to all loyal servants of Rastaban, of course she expects that anyone making use of the Underway will be grateful for the service (OC a one-off payment of 1 favour will allow you to make permanent use of the Underway for personal transit, moving large items, prisoners, making urgent trips, or making any non-standard use might require more favour). She has also highlighted some particular stations of interest (those in red) which appear to connect to other forms of transit system. Including; apparently, the capital city of the False Empire of Rastaban.

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