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Trouble at the Ichorwerks II

Initial Brief


Commissioner Dmitri Romov of the Imperial Commission would be grateful for citizens to assist with a matter of great importance to the Commission. As the nature of the matter may honour volunteers with exposure to some of the workings of the Commission, external volunteers will be required to give their word not to disclose anything they discover of these workings before being admitted to the Commission.

Due to the nature of this particular task, all applicants will be required to submit any and all afflictions they are currently suffering as part of a revised screening process.



  • The party sign the standard Imperial Commission NDA and head in. They beat back some Ichor-creatures of the deep before meeting with Grand Commissioner Alexis Telemova and beginning an experiment in “The Ichor Chamber”
  • They enter a vision where they appear to be viewing a time from early in the Commission's founding, but before they can garner much information from it, something goes wrong and ends the Vision. Back in reality, they find themselves under attack from Conflict creatures which incapacitate all except Mabel. Connection creatures invade, and start to digest the party but they eventually become free and escape by talking a Heartbreak Albatross into giving them a key of Heartbreak.
  • They fight their way out of the depths of the Expansion area (falling slightly foul of an emergency override system) of the Commission and the Commissioner who was with them in the Ichor Chamber reveals they have memories of the target of the vision - Katya Rastova - and along with other Ichor Savants suggest this may be why Connection is refusing to leave. They remember a being called Blind Adoration and so the party sets out to search for it.
  • They find Blind Adoration but can't convince it to leave. They share in a vision of the memories swirling around Commissioner Barrova's head and learn enough about Katya to impersonate her. A short trip past some more Connection beasts and Abandoned Husks that have fallen victim to Vulture's Cacophany later, they find Blind Adoration and Nessa, pretending to be Katya, agrees to go with Blind Adoration, along with her “entourage”. Blind Adoration takes them into its palace in Deep Connection, where they trick it into believing they have to go and defeat a denizen of Conflict to help Katya. Blind Adoration lets them go to perform this task, and they're back in the Imperial Commission.
  • The Commission, now filled with Conflict since Connection has left, is finally purged of a two-headed Conflict Denizen thanks to the party, and the planar overlap finally wanes, leaving the Commission how it was.


The experiment is repeated, and this time it goes without a hitch, revealing that a factor in the Imperial Commission polluting the Eriden was the impact it would have on the Forest. The party reveal information about Honourable Commissioner Katya Rastova which the Commission thought long lost.


  • +2 Favour
  • 1 token of Knowledge of Trust Broken (that they will never disclose secrets about the Commission they learned on this adventure, outside the Commission)
  • Connection to Blind Adoration - inform a GM at the start of adventures you are on that should you enter Connection, an emissary should appear to try to return you (part of Katya's entourage) to Blind Adoration, having finished your task; and that in Deep Connection this connection to a specific Denizen should be stronger. This Connection is broken if any member of the group breaks it (but also strengthened if they do the opposite).


  • “Was down at the pub”


  • Affliction (Feeble, Soul): it takes you 10s to remember what a lock or a door handle does on a door.
  • 1 break-up letter for Blind Adoration in Katya's hand


  • “Employee of the Week” at the Foresters Guild, thanks to glowing recommendations


  • 1 Heartbreak Key - takes the form of a knife with engraved key patterns, except in Connection where it glows purple. Shaper effect TBC with LARPOs.
  • Affliction (Feeble, Soul): it takes you 10s to remember what a lock does on a door.
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