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Trouble at the Ichorwerks IV

Initial Brief


Master Commissioner Dmitri Romov of the Imperial Commission would be grateful for citizens to assist with a matter of great importance to the Commission.

As the nature of the matter may honour volunteers with exposure to some of the workings of the Commission, external volunteers will be required to give their word not to disclose anything they discover of these workings before being admitted to the Commission.

Due to the nature of this particular task, all applicants will be required to submit any and all afflictions they are currently suffering as part of a revised screening process.

The Master Commissioner seeks only 5 volunteers: in the very likely case that more than 5 honourable citizens apply, lottery will be used to select the lucky volunteers. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Imperial Commission.



The party, having agreed non-disclosure with Romov, head into an experiment with the Experimental Vapourised Ichor Consciousness Transcendence to investigate the past of Katya Rastova. They observe large foundational pipes being laid up through the Commission and make note, when suddenly something goes terribly wrong and they find other consciousnesses in their shared vision who are angry and scared. They fight then wake up in dramatically enhanced bodies that are not their own.

Guided by a disembodied voice calling itself The Coordinator, the new “Imperial Elect” bodies are put to the test, with the Forest Touched in the party, Sowe in particular, enjoying the new form, and the Commissioners less than happy with their lack of mutations. Heston's loving it.

The Commissioners attempt to get the Forest Touched executed during a Test, but the Coordinator is disappointed in all of them. Over lunch, Heston makes contact with the Coordinator to explain he can prove who he is, and is met by the voice of Asher Kelvin who explains that this is part of the Elect program. Heston explains there are commissioners in here and Asher says this is the will of the Benefactor that the continue.

The tests continue but the Coordinator explains that due to the contamination of the experiment by the accident, the party will be completely destroyed. Heston is down for this, but the rest drag him off with the help of some Unelect (failed experiments). They charge past a number of more aggressive, forestier looking Elect, up the pipes in the facility and make their way to the Chamber where they find Grand Commissioner Telemova and their original bodies. They realise that test subjects from Fools Landing were meant to be in the Elect program and work on swapping back.

During the swapping back process, the Forest and a Dark Presence attempt to stop the swapping. Heston attempts to use the Dark Presence to anoint his body to purge the Forest, something that it does not like, but he fights it back. He then has a tussle with the Forest in his own mind, destroying himself in the process.

Heston's body, however, stays with the party as they debrief.


The party explain to Romov what happened. Romov offers additional gratitude for the problems they encountered. Concerns are raised about Sowe to the Commission and the full information about Katya is conveyed. The party leave and as soon as they do, Heston's body jumps into the river.

Quinn catches up with Marius and Heston at the Foresters Guild and information is exchanged about maybe fighting the Forest back, as well as Forest Touched fair treatment.

Arcturus studies the vial of Vulture's Cacophany taken from the Unelect and determines that could replicate it when they can themselves make Black Ichor flasks.

Cassie goes to see her father and explains that one of the Forest Touched was bullying her. Draconis doesn't stand for this and combined with Arcturus's concerns there's an intervention at the Foresters' Guild about Sowe's behaviour. The giant fish and Goodie can't do anything to persuade Sowe who stands by what she said and did and is promptly executed by Draconis.

Sowe leaves a letter to Zosime thanking her for helping her and leaves a message for Cassie in the same that warns her against treating people the way she does. She comes back as Blessed.

Heston goes to look for any sighting of himself. He discovers a number of people have been asking similar questions about themselves.


  • 2 Favour

Sowe and Heston

  • -1 Life


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