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Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam

a.k.a find a way or make one
a.k.a find a road or make one

Initial Brief

The Edict is lifted. Guided by the Council of Seven, Citizens attempt to establish a way through the Forest to the outside world.



Friday Evening Linear - Sabotage

  • The player party are tasked with escorting a boat to a pavillion for a celebration the night before the first mission to escape the Forest is launched.
  • The boat has been built in the Wheel Sanctum outside the Embrace, and the party must push it from there to a staging point near the River Eriden.
  • The plan, ostensibly, is that the volunteers will travel on this boat down the polluted river Eriden, following it until the Forest is cleared.
  • As a Wheel embrace has been used, the boat is trivial for a group of citizens to push, and they do so, until they are ambushed by a strange group of Citizens wearing blank white masks with a stylised black circle. The citizens beg the players to halt their progress and cease their blasphemous course - to disturb the perfection of Rastaban by seeking to leave its nurturing embrace.
  • Though their entreaties gain little purchase, their real goal is to buy time for a Perfection ritual to hit - one targeting the boat, which causes movement to slow and stop.
  • Jasine, as an experienced Wheel Paladin, is unaffected by this, and Aldrich, attuned to Perfection, is able to leverage some control over the paralysis-inducing ritual. Eventually, they are able to defeat the enemies and turn their attention to moving the boat.
  • However, both Calidon and Tenebris are kept in stasis for longer than they would have liked. This leads Tenebris to take out his frustration on the Imperial Commissioner - Lamentation - for their perceived incompetence.
  • Ultimately, Sly Genet overclocks an Erosion ritual with reckless casting, freeing the boat- but dropping it (and everyone around it) into Erosion.
  • After Sly, then Sato, participate in a discussion with the Erosion denizen Azrael, the party are allowed to leave Erosion in exchange for eliminating the perfection cult.
  • This they do, appearing mid-ritual and slaughtering the cultists despite their powerful command over Perfection.
  • During the raid, Lamentation dies, and Tenebris performs an autopsy on the Commissioner as Calidon watches. Traumatically, Lamentation returns to her body mid-autopsy, and flees in horror.
  • The boat is delivered to the Pavillion and the party begins.

Friday Evening Freeform - Celebration

  • A number of the city's dignitaries are here, including: Grandmaster Afef Afolayan of the Throne, The Imperial Envoy; Grand Magister Isabella of Rom; Ermingard, Leader of the Forester's Guild; King Crescentius I of Telemere (newly elected by the Exarchs) and many varied and sundry other individuals.
  • The Grandmaster introduces the party to King Crescentius, and also to the Ship Captain, Bashita, who supposedly has extensive experience with boats, having operated a river barge for many years in Rivergate town. The party are…a little perplexed by the Grandmaster's choice, and skeptical of the utility of such an individual, but they assert that they are the best person for the job and have their full personal approval.
  • Here the importance and nature of the mission at hand are underscored - in particular, the importance of not revealing the location of Rastaban, the existence of the Shroud, or the nature or existence of Black Ichor.
  • Sly Genet is nearly executed for Treason for laughing at what appears to be an assassination attempt on King Crescentius, but the situation is de-escalated.
  • Jingle the Jester brings mirth and merriment to the assembled group, perhaps with the exception of Eli Jin.
  • Sato Cross is chosen as the de-facto leader of the expedition, with Mabel as her second-in-command.

Saturday Morning Linear - Immortal Defense

  • The boat is launched.
  • The first group of citizens (Hatevil, Calidon, Kit, Lamentation, Tenebris, Aldrich, Sato, Sly) takes the first shift. They have been briefed that there is an important stronghold - Tamallat's Fist - which exists somewhere along the River Eriden and which they should a) recapture and b) search for any clues about how it fell.
  • The party fight off numerous attacks from the Forest (including explosive projectiles) until they arrive at what is unmistakably the river fortress. It is like a combination of a bridge and a town, spanning the canyon the river has entered, with many winding structures that look like a cross between stalactites and a chandelier - made out of glass and stone.
  • Perhaps more pressingly, great chains emerge from this structure, blocking all progress along the river. Thus, the party decide to dock and make their way up the canyon to a huge set of doors. These, they discover, are locked - with the forest closing in. However, a friendly voice cries that they are opening the gates for them - if they can just hold out. With some…gentle guidance from the party about the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise, they just about make it into the stronghold.
  • They are greeted by a Forest Touched, Averick Goodie, who welcomes them to the Fist. Averick explains that they were sent out with a party to recover the stronghold nearly a year ago, and is so relieved that a rescue party has been sent for them. The party explain the actual situation. Meanwhile, the shapers get to work examining the objects inside the building, and shenanigans with a blasphemous painting ensue.
  • Averick explains that the party can't advance because of the huge chains, and the control mechanism is in the floors below. However, there is some kind of 'mist killer' that slaughters anyone that ventures down. However, they have a cunning plan: Averick can sense two entities in Tamallat's Fist, and one of them doesn't seem hostile. He has a way of 'communing' with it by sending the party to sleep, in the hope it can activate the controls or speak to the mist killer, given that it hasn't yet died by its hand.
  • The party are understandably reluctant to trust the Forest Touched, so in the end Tenebris agrees to stay behind to watch the bodies as Averick conducts the procedure.
  • The party are taken into a winding woods with the instruction to 'never step from the path'. There are many inducements to do so, but ultimately the party stay true and continue.
  • They move through a vivid landscape, searching for an important object, and then being chased down by deadly emissaries of the End of Ages in what seems like a completely unwinnable situation. Thankfully, by luck, Sato and Sly are able to make it out of the hellscape as the rest of the party awake back in Tamallat's Fist.
  • Sly and Sato make contact with a small, cute child in a brightly-coloured room painted with friendly scenes and completely filled with stuffed animals and toys. The child is Bezique. Through gentle coaxing, she explains that she has no memory of what has happened, only that her cousin, Ibrahim, is protecting her from harm until the danger has gone away. Together, Sato and Sly are able to convince her that they are friends, and to try and speak to Ibrahim about letting them through. They awake.
  • The Paldins are able to sense a change below the structure - the force which could be sensed as devout now seems a lot less diffuse, instead concentrated in a single point. Hoping this change is to the 'mist killer', they resolve to breach the lower floors.
  • They encounter their most harrowing foe yet: a broken lights-out puzzle. After judicious application of shaping from Kit, their path is open.
  • The party confront Ibrahim and Bezique. Through cautious diplomacy they are able to agree to lifting the chains so the boat may pass, but Bezique is still kept a prisoner - though, with the promise that her friends may visit 'sometimes'. Their business concluded, Ibrahim forcibly demands the party to leave, and they do so.
  • The upper floors are secured for Rastaban. The party pick up Averick and they head back to the boat.

Saturday Afternoon Linear - The Gauntlet

  • The second shift is taken by the following party: Jasine, Peleus, Rekha, Mabel, Elias, Eli and Jeremiah.
  • The boat is attacked by forest birds, then lanced by huge trees thrown from a distance, from which stick insects board the boat. Elias strengthens the hull as the party repair the boat and fight off the insects.
  • The party ascertain that they are being besieged from a fort that overlooks the river. They resolve to strengthen the boat as much as they are able and run the gauntlet, trying to force their way to freedom.
  • The next threat to breach the ship are a squadron of changeling infantry, all in matching regalia. These are incredibly well coordinated. The second wave includes a commander changeling, Extravus, who deals heavy damage to the party, poisoning Elias with a thorn shard, which Eli later cures through Anointing him, turning the power of the Forest against itself. Jeremiah takes copious samples throughout.
  • Having defeated these elite minions, the Forest brings the full weight of its baleful attention onto the party, trying to kill them with sheer force of will alone. It almost succeeds.
  • When the party come to, the boat is suspended high in the forest canopy, lanced by five great trunks. These trunks, acting as the fingers of one great hand, try and crush the boat. The Captain shouts at the party to hack them down so that the ship can break free.
  • As the party hack off the fingers the ship strains forward until finally as the last one falls away it shoots forward through the sky flying on thin air.
  • As the boat soars towards freedom incredibly tall purple figures with breathtakingly long, thin, translucent hair that spreads out in all directions, appear. They begin, inexorably, to defeat the party - their wounds closing as fast as the party can inflict them. They beseech the party to return to their prison city, telling them that they are capable of naught but killing and murdering. Seeing the captain, they are distraught, lamenting that they loved them of old.
  • As the party are on the brink of defeat, two things happen. Elias throws himself off the ship. Jeremiah calls upon the power of the Torch to drive back the creatures, and begins to burn with holy flame, driving the creatures back, as tears flow uncontrollably from his face.
  • He gathers party for a last ditch defense as the Forest adapts to his onslaught.
  • Then, Elias appears with a new, subtly distinct, purple figure. Upon seeing the new purple figure, the rest of the entities stop fighting and stare, open-mouthed in shock, as they try and usher the figure to safety.
  • With a cry of triumph from Bashita, who is able to exploit this precious moment of distraction, the boat rockets away into the distance.
  • The ship crash lands somewhere outside the forest.
  • It becomes clear to the party that Captain Bashita appears to be the Wheel. They talk briefly, before the Wheel rips the steering wheel off the ship and flies away upon it.
  • The new purple figure talks to Eli, Peleus and Rekha for a bit, then disappears.
  • The party see in the distance, a group of figures coming to meet them.
  • They discover that they are, broadly, two groups - one belonging to Mayor Edouwe of Fool's Landing (the region that they are now in) and one belonging to Legatus Denarion, of the Empire of Rastaban, who are the 'protectors' of Fool's Landing. There is a tense standoff, but ultimately, diplomacy wins out and everyone is invited to Fool's Landing to discuss precisely just what is going on here.

Saturday Evening Freeform - Fool's Landing

  • The Citizens are given food and refreshment in a tavern in Fool's Landing under the protection of the leader of the settlement, Mayor Edouwe. Also in attendance, are as follows:
    • Legatus Denarion, in charge of the nearby keep, and representative of the Empire of Rastaban,
    • Mendicant Librarian Rostuf, a visiting dignitary from the Empire of Seluga, on their sworn mission to spread and preserve knowledge,
    • Yrenysma, of Gyre, a tourist exploring the lands to the south and hoping to gather some interesting trophies along the way,
    • Illustrious Merchant Helvellen, travelling down from the Unbroken Chain, ostensibly to see what profit is to be made in Fool's Landing.
  • The Citizens take this opportunity to learn about the world outside, and its peoples. Many deals are struck. Most importantly, the assembled citizens of Rastaban learn that the Empire of Rastaban is very close to conquering Fool's Landing, the neutral zone they are in, and decide to side against them by aiding a group of guerilla fighters allied with Fool's Landing.

Sunday Morning Linear - A Fool's Errand

  • The citizens who decide to assist the guerillas with this action directly are: Hatevil, Jeremiah, Sly, Aldrich, Jasine, Eli, Sato and Rekha.
  • They are attacked by strange fauna - things that look like a cross between a flea and a floating jellyfish and parasitic flies the size of dogs.
  • They then run into a strange individual on a palanquin, being pursued by a menagerie of strange creatures, and also what looks like Yrenysma of Gyre. They tell the party their trophies have been possessed by the forest, and the party defeats them.
  • Sato threatens to kill the Gyrefolk from the Palanquin unless they tell them the secrets of their art. They agree. Sato the decides to complete the deal forcibly using a Throne Embrace to attempt to ransack their mind. This sends them into a catatonic state. Eli Anoints them, and they get back up, swearing revenge on Sato and running off. Sato attempts to follow but Aldrich stops her by weaving Perfection.
  • Jasine runs off with otherworldly speed followed by Sato. They return ten minutes later, the Gyrefolk absent.
  • The Weavers in the party sense a powerful ritual taking place, which threatens not only the surrounding region, but also all of Fool's Landing, and maybe even their entry point. They decide to lead the party to where the ritual is going off.
  • The party are confronted with protective shells stitched from each of the planes. Refusing to mar himself ritually to proceed, Aldrich attempts to bypass one of the shells with a ritual, which misfires, trapping him inside the shell instead.
  • The party make it through to the center of the ritual. Here, two powerful planar denizens are trapped, their power leeching into the surrounding area through an unknown method. Sly is prepares an Erosion ritual. Before it can be completed, however, Rekha smashes the sigils with a titanic burst of force, freeing the trapped entities.
  • The entities go a rampage of pure elemental power. The party argue amongst themselves about how best to resolve the situation, when a patrol happens on them. Using a Wheel embrace, Jas teleports the party to Fool's Landing, narrowly escaping the pursuers.
  • The party decide that they need to confront the planar entities - Rekha will fight the Conflict entity (Dessication) and Sly will lure the Erosion one (Torpor) to the nearby Fort which the Empire of Rastaban are occupying.
  • Spurred on perhaps by Hatevil's strong moral compass, Jeremiah decides that he has to warn the Imperial forces in the Fort that the Erosion denizen is coming. Drawing on the power of the Torch's embrace to protect those who are weak by telling the truth, and taking the difficult path over the easy course of action, he confronts Legatus Denarion's forces with the party, and successfully convinces them to flee. However, they dismantle most of the Fort and retreat in good order, the Legatus making it clear that he will return.


The State of the World

  • A pathway has been forged between Rastaban and the outside world, brought about by the brave citizens that took the voyage, and wrought by the power of the Wheel.
  • One entry point lies in the Sanctum of the Wheel, the other aboard the remains of the ship - which crashed in a field not far from Fool’s Landing.
  • Around this second entry point, Elias of Estaban creates The Gateway, a fortress modelled after the shape of the Wheel, in honour of that great Muse.
  • The Hub of the wheel, a towering spire, contains the ship, whilst the spokes running outwards divide the fortress into a number of wards associated to the Districts. The Rim of the Wheel is an impressive defensive wall.
  • Elias retires as Warden of the Gateway, and is given a garrison of troops from Rastaban to defend the fortification.

  • Along the River Eriden, Tamallat’s Fist has been retaken, and with it, the power to control more direct transport along the river itself. As agreed, the lower floors are given over to Ibrahim and Bezique, though the possibility of access exists in future. The Forester’s Guild now provides a small but experienced crew on rotation to defend this place.
  • The Empire of Rastaban declares war on the Unbroken Chain.
  • The Empire of Rastaban formally announces that it is coming to save Fool’s Landing from internal dissidents and agitators from the Unbroken chain, as is its duty, and will be taking direct occupation of the territory from now on.
  • The sleepiness and apathy which settled on the region is, one day, dispelled. Torpor, the Erosion denizen which settled into the remains of the Empire’s fortress is nowhere to be found.
  • Strangely, given the great violence done against it, the Forest oddly quiet. Stranger yet, a second Spring seems to have come to the forest, more abundant than any on record - flowers bud and bloom, and the atmosphere is strange and still.

The Situation in Rastaban

  • Knowledge of the existence of the outside world and the method of traversing it spreads throughout Rastaban.
  • There are great celebrations in the street and a new state holiday - The Day of Liberation - is declared. Ecstatic feasting and carousing take place.
  • The Wheel Sanctum (where the entryway to the outside is kept) becomes increasingly busy.
  • The approach to the Wheel Sanctum from the City becomes fortified and heavier guards are posted to the Boulevard and Wastes section of the Embrace, overseen by their respective wardens (Cleomedes and Jessamy).
  • All citizens who wish to travel to and from the outside need authorization from their District authority.
  • No-one from outside is allowed through into Rastaban without first obtaining formal approval from the Seven.
  • Speaking as Envoy, Afef declares the need to spread the true worship of the Muses to the lands outside, and to save the world from its corrupted ideals. The position on Icons is restated.

Other News and Rumours

  • A group of citizens is seen heading North.
  • In a terrible catastrophe in Telemere, the Stingelhelm family mansion collapses overnight. Most of the family are out celebrating the Day of Liberation, but, alas, the bed-bound Joy-In-Sorrow Stingelhelm, who was too elderly to attend, and her loyal servant, were crushed to death in the rubble. King Crescentius I extends his formal condolences to the family, and offers to help them rebuild.
  • Averick Goodie is returned to the Forester’s Guild.
  • Tenebris is expelled from the Imperial Commission.
  • A small number of people in Fool’s Landing begin to express an interest in the Muses, particularly the Torch.
  • Research on the Forest published by Jeremiah suggests that the Forest takes over the body when it infects people, and only once the body has died are they beyond saving. He asserts that there is a psychological and physical element to Forest possession, and that Forest Touched seem to have been capable of fending off the Forest's psychological intrusion.
  • Aldrich publishes some preliminary findings in the field of Planebinding, specifically as practiced by the Unbroken Chain. There is an afterword announcing Aldrich’s intention to continue this research and details of how to contact him provided.



  • Gains 10 Favour.
  • Gains 4XP, +1 XP for each time they NPCed a freeform.
  • Counts as participating in 2 adventures for levelling, instilments, etc.

Sly Genet

  • Gains Planar Successor Epic Tree
  • Can pass effectively for a corpse
  • +1 perfectly preserved middle finger


  • Private brief sent
  • +1 communication device

Elias of Esteban

  • Retires into power: Warden of the Gateway.
  • Is now an NPC


  • Private brief sent
  • Loses Affiliation with Imperial Commission


  • Appointed by the Commission as 'Regulator', with secondary lodgings in the Gateway.


  • You are now a Wheel Paladin.


  • Private Brief sent


  • Receives a formal commendation from Averick Goodie.


  • Private brief sent
  • Gains “Enmity: Legatus Denarion”


  • +1 cool-looking Perfection mask (not one of the planar masks)
  • Named 'Ambassador to Fool's Landing'
  • Private brief sent


  • Private brief sent
  • +1 communication artefact


  • Private brief sent


  • Private brief sent


  • Private brief sent


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