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A place for all things

Initial Brief


  • Never - Katie
  • Mable - Iain
  • Veridian - Anna



The party are hired to retrieve several barrels of black ichor which have been smuggled out of the city. Apparently it is being sold at a place called the floating market. The party head north through the desolation and through the great planes. The party eventually arrive at the city of Vrathe a city on the sea dominated by a majestic lighthouse.

Heading to the docks the party attempt to negotiate passage across the sea to the floating market. There are several options however and the party end up splitting Veridian purchasing a merchant ship crafted from the upturned shell of a giant crab whilst never negotiates with a salty sea dog for passage aboard his ship which seems mostly to be the rotting carcass of a large shark. Mabel also contacts the local underworld and gets a lead on a possible job at the floating market.

The party then head off Never aboard the ship of Ommas and Mabel and Veridian aboard the newly christened subtly which they eventually just make move with a wheel embrace. Fortunately Ommas claims to know the way to the floating market and sets off. On the way the party are assaulted by a giant vibrantly blue jelly fish and a pirate controlling a swarm of piranah’s but eventually make it to the floating market.

The floating market seems to be built upon the bag of a giant leviathan, upon landing the party head to talk to Mabel’s contact to attempt to find out information about where the black ichor might be being sold off. After some conversation they get a lead on an auction house which is apparently planning to sell of some black gold from the hidden city as well as a lead on a thief planning to steal the goods.

After some deliberation the party decide to head to the auction house to a viewing they have been invited to. At the viewing the auctioneer shows of several barrels of black ichor before proceeding to demonstrate it’s effects upon various substances in a slightly uncontrolled manner seeming to know more than they strictly should. Eventually Never decides enough is enough and destroys the floor and most of the Ichor barrels coating herself and most of the auction participants in the substance. A mass mutation begins to occur before it is halted by Mabel centrifuging the ichor off everyone dissipating it slightly less harmfully over a wider area. In the aftermath however Never is seized by the auctioneer guards and the rest if the party are told she will be auctioned off to the False empire unless they can compensate the auction house for lost product.

The party retreat and decide to take Mabel’s contact up on their offer of breaking into the auction house to free Never and hopefully retrieve the last barrel of ichor. The criminal contact Sublevo guides the remaining party through the bowels of the leviathan where after fighting off a swarm of giant maggots they end up in the auction houses safe room. Inside they find never imprisoned in one corner as well as the final barrell of ichor and the descrepid body of the auction house owner Meltervar sitting on a chair behind several layers of wards. After a prolonged fight the party subdue the the majority of the auction house guards break through the wards around Meltervar and take the navigator and the last barrel of ichor and flee the market.


Back in Vrathe the party briefly go their separate ways. Mabel heads to the great library and asks if there are any stories of forest touched being cured. She is told a story about a great musician walking into dream and persuading an entity their to cure their beloved.

Never heads to the lighthouse where she is reasonably certain the ruling house of the city dwell. Originally Veridian is planning to accompany her but after some thought decides that walking into a den of perfection plane binders. At the top of the tower Never introduces herself to the Matriarch of the city Galva Vrathe and leaves with a letter of introduction for Grand Magister Isabella.

On the journey back to Rastaban Never and Veridian have several long conversations with Meltervar in which they threaten to break all his fingers unless he teaches them what he knows of necromancy. The old man proves to be a bit of a coward and folds teaching Never and Viridian the basics of the Art.

Back in Rastaban the party report back turning over the barrel of ichor as well as Meltervar for debriefing. They are given a bonus for apprehending the perpetrator the the crime and leave 5 favor. Veridian offers the use of their boat to the order and manages to ingratiate themselves slightly.

Veridian and Never go and report to Isabella, Never is able to negotiate a reward both for making contact on Isabella’s behalf with the house of Vrathe and for briefly filling in the magister in on what she knows of plane binding. Veridian meanwhile receives a more substantial reward for trading away all she learned of necromancy to Isabella.



  • Has gained a basic understanding of necromancy.
  • Has gained 8 favor in total


  • Has gained 10 favor
  • May if they wish buy affiliation with the honourable companions
  • Owns a boat currently docked in Vrathe


  • Has gained 5 favor
  • Has gained rudimentary sailing skills such that they may pilot a craft and make use of any survivalist skills they have whilst at sea.
  • Has gained the shark saber after taking it from Vultar. This is a rapier with two instalments Brutal and Baleful to sea creatures.
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