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It's Cold Outside

Initial Brief

By the order of the Silent Regent, for the awareness of all Citizens of Rastaban - all rejoice!

The great Edict of Isolation once referred to the isolation of Rastaban within the Forest of Loss. Since the Edict was lifted, Rastaban has been venerated to the highest status, and its heroes have achieved great things. Now we must draw our eyes skyward, to what lies beyond, and bring the Empire of Rastaban to the stars.

To this end, heroes of Rastaban will be selected to form an expeditionary force, to establish the Empire’s presence beyond the breach, for the glory of all Rastaban. The gratitude and honour of the whole Empire will be due them.

All rejoice!



All rejoice as the Heroes of Rastaban headed forth path the Magos, gaining glorious mutations, and into the Breach between worlds. Having forged a pioneering path through the bloody wound, they [REDACTED 1] with an aspect of the Defender, and passed beyond the walls of the battlements of the Barrier.

Praise the majestic Heroes as they fought off the Painter and [REDACTED 2] before encountering the Archivist. While talking with the Archivist they were attacked by aspects of the Fool who created inverted forms of the party (2 Erosion Weavers and a Paladin of “the Bugle”). Our glorious heroes fended off the Outsider and then were visited by [REDACTED 3] before fighting off more enemies of Rastaban while they constructed a Fortress.

The hero Evarard perfected the Fortress while the Thief attempted to steal it, and then worked with Hat to perfect the route back, creating a passage to the Fortress of Rastaban which is Obsessed and Determined, through which future heroes can reach the Fortress.

All rejoice!

  • [REDACTED 1] - diplomed with aspects of the Thief, two of which were accidentally let in
  • [REDACTED 2] - encountered Hannah and Hanna, two servants of a mysterious figure associated with Rastaban, who provided them with a beacon to put in their fortress, and encountered the Mole, a conglomerate entity seemingly capable of going anywhere
  • [REDACTED 3] - aspects of an Outsider calling itself Judgment, who judged the party for their right to exist, imprinting Hat with Judgment's laws.


The party debrief with the Silent Suprema and her mouthpiece and report back all that happened. The Silent Suprema informs the party that any Outsider that is not the Archivist, Magos, Thief, Fool, or Painter imperially does not exist. They talk about what they found outside, mentioning Hannah and Hanna (who also do not exist) and the Mole (which also also does not exist). The Bureaucracy are especially grateful for their information and work establishing this fortress. The laws of Judgment are transcribed from Hat's body by Connection Weavers.

Evarard goes to the Circle of the Enlightened Mind and has a conversation with them about the origin of the Planes. Professor Constance confirms Evarard's discovery that the Planes are the corpses of Outsiders, and pontificates about the implications of this. She's grateful for Evarard's confirmation of some of their theories, and they discuss whether or not Conflict (The Survivor) and Perfection (The Seeker) could truly be dead. Evarard also confirms that he can contact The Mole using Chrysalis.

Hat talks to their contact in House Rom and asks whether, given the information they've acquired, they could be recommended for a Councillor-Apprenticeship. They are recommended to Magister Zaboul (Conflict Magister) who sets them an elaborate challenge involving going into Conflict with their familiar (Meaningless Spite) and surviving. After a Conflicting Feelings level adventure, Hat returns and Zaboul is sufficiently impressed to take them on as an apprentice.

Doublethink reports to the Order of the Shroud with regards to the discovery of his doppel, calling itself 'Thoughtless' using power from a Muse of 'the Bugle' and pinging as paladin. The Order, in their backwards way, confirms the idea that Thoughtless would have been channeling the Shroud's power from Doublethink through the Fool and into Thoughtless.

Hat meets up with Evarard to talk about how he manages to survive after death and Evarard explains the ordeal he went through on Great Balls of Fire and how he may or may not be a changeling. Hat is concerned and reports this to the Foresters Guild. Evarard is brought in for testing, and it's determined that he's not a Changeling, but also not human. A call is put out to bring in Evarard's double.



  • 3 Favour from the Imperial Bureaucracy


  • +1 Favour from the Order of the Shroud

Evarard Dirk

  • +1 Favour from the Circle of the Enlightened Mind
  • Has made contact with the Mole


  • Apprenticeship with Magister Zaboul
  • Antennae Mutation - allows communication like the Ichorwerker Mutation, but also allows the Magos to listen in.
  • Judgment - has Judgment's rules inscribed into their body.
  • +1 Favour


  • The city now has access to a Fortress in the Outside through a passage within the breach which is Obsessed and Determined.
  • The Silent Regent orders a day of rejoicing based on this success.
  • The Fortress is within the purview of Hannah and Hanna.
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