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The Rastaban Serpent

Initial Brief

Brave Heroes and Proud Patriots!

Bastion Esposito of Esteban seeks daring individuals to join him on a perilous journey in to the wastes to seek out the legendary terrible creature known as the Serpent of Rastaban!

Glory and the opportunity to serve one's city awaits any soul daring enough to take on this challenge, as well as the gratitude [OC: 1 Favour] of the Esposito family! Experienced adventurers are most welcome but a healthy dose of pluck is more important than prior experience!

Cowards need not apply.



  • The party make their way into the wastes, escorting Bastion. They fight various mutated creatures along the way, including large snakes, but there is no sign of the legendary Rastaban Serpent.
  • Eventually they find themselves at the ruins of a Keep where Bastion's cousin, Victor, claimed the legendary serpent was sighted.
  • They scale the Keep's tower and find the nest of a large bird, along with it's eggs, but no serpent. The party take some eggs.
  • At this point Bastion is feeling dejected. His grandmother is gravely ill and had been having nightmares that the serpent might be coming for her. He thought that bring her the creature might cheer her spirits.
  • Elias suggests there is no reason they should not continue exploring until nightfall, although he spots no signs that would indicate the existence of a large creature in the area.
  • The party are assailed by assassins, who appear to have come to kill Bastion. Elias questions Bastion about who might have know he was there but he claims he only told his grandmother and Victor, neither of whom could possibly want to kill him.
  • The party quickly put two and two together. Madam Esposito is ill and Bastion is the heir. The person who would benefit most from Bastion's demise is Victor.
  • The party run in to a scholarly party, who are investigating the local legends. Upon discussion within the rather abrasive professor they determine that the Rastaban serpent most likely is a myth.
  • Rekha suggests that the real Rastaban Serpent might be the friends they made along the way, although that's also the kind of thing a very overly ethusiastic Connection mage might say.
  • Elias persuades Bastion that Victor might have fallen in with some “bad sorts”, who could have been manipulating him to try and inherit the Esposito estate. Bastion requests the party come back to the Esposito estate to investigate the matter further.
  • At the estate the party meet with various servants, including a rather uncooperative Torch Paladin who is Victor's tutor, and the Madam Esposito.
  • Various members of the party attempt to heal Madam Esposito, Eli using her forest touched abilities and Elias by taking her to Lyra the blessed. Ultimately they conclude she is simply old and frail and healing is merely going to give her a little more time and make her more comfortable.
  • Various members of the party investigate the medicines being given to Madam Esposito. Nessa, by drinking some of the medicine, and Elias, by discussing with Lyra the blessed, determine that she has been overdosed on painkillers.
  • An altercation breaks out between some members of the party and the torch paladin. The paladin leaves.
  • Elias finds evidence of Victor's treachery in his study and the location of a suspicious bar called the Imperial retreat.
  • The party persuade Bastion to stay behind whilst they head to investigate the Imperial Retreat.
  • At the Imperial Retreat, Elias brides one of the patrons to tell him Victor's location, whilst Eli makes some new less than salubrious friends.
  • The head to Victor's hideout, where after an alteraction they capture Victor. Elias ensures he does not make it back alive.


  • The party return to report to the Esposito's. Bastion and his grandmother, in spite of what he has done, are devastated by Victor's death, but by Elias's story that he was stabbed by one of the ruffians they fought.
  • Madam Esposito's health is failing again.
  • The party report to their various affiliations.
  • Later it emerges that Victor's tutor handed himself in to the Imperial Boulevard, confessing to having been aware of Victor's crimes. Apparently on consulting the Torch, he received an unclear answer- particularly Bastion was a naive and feckless individual and so not fit to inherit the household- and thus chose not to interfere. He is tried and although he is allowed to return to his duties, he is no longer welcome in the Esposito estate.
  • Eli makes sure Bastion is aware that she treated his grandmother. He is well-disposed to her for now. She also still has her egg should she try to do anything with it. She returns to the Imperial retreat and takes up their job offer.
  • Rekha incubates her egg. It has hatched.
  • Elias returns to the Imperial Retreat and informs his contact that he has made sure Victor will tell noone their employer in the back.
  • Nessa finds a doctor to cure the afflication she received from drinking the medicines.



  • 2 Favour


  • Nothing.


  • Gains a newly hatched chick, which is, perhaps, more angry than might be expected.


  • Gains Affliation: Great House Keelen.


  • Gains 1 additional Favour.


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